Thursday, August 02, 2007

CAIR Threatens Young America's and Free Speech

Every summer, Young America's Foundation has a conference for conservative (and libertarians too) students. Go here for more on that. Well, this year Robert Spencer is scheduled to speak. He is well-known but not necessarily as well-liked by all. Spencer writes and speaks on Islam and especially on those Muslims (and their supporters) who interpret Islam in a way that allows for or even calls for lying, suppression of equal rights, the spread of Islam to the point of a greater Islamic state (an empire/caliphate), and even, yes, terrorism in the cause of jihad. As you can imagine, Spencer has some enemies. One of them is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This week, CAIR had its lawyers send Young America's Founation a letter threatening legal action unless Spencer's talk was cancelled or unless Young America's would "ensure that false and defamatory statements are not disseminated at that session." If you know anything about CAIR and their tactics, then you automatically see the irony here. CAIR itself engages in actions and words that are "false" as well as "defamatory" towards those with whom they disagree ... and they do this often.

As well, just this week CAIR's spokesman Ibrahim Hooper once again made statements and accusations which are not altogether true. Robert Spencer has more on what happened.

Washington Times on "CAIR vs. YAF" here.

Interestingly, the lawyer for CAIR has also been quite involved in the Democratic Party:

From February 1993 until May 1998, Mr. Sandler served on the staff of the DNC as general counsel. He continues to serve in that position through his law firm. In this capacity, Mr. Sandler has been responsible for all legal matters affecting the national party [...].

As to CAIR's history of this type of intimidation and deceit, start here and then go here and when I have the time I will comment further on it.

Spencer gave the speech. Michelle Malkin has commentary from the event. (Keep scrolling down for excerpts from Spencer's speech and even the introduction. Worth reading.)
Washington Times has some too.

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