Monday, July 31, 2006

Conservative Boot Camp: Life with YAF

Today begins a "Conservative Boot Camp" ... or just a really good time with other like-minded folk. The 28th annual National Conservative Student Conference began this morning out in D.C. It is a great week of good speakers, meeting new friends, and having some late-night discussions on all sorts of conservative/libertarian issues. Ok, and maybe some moments at a pub enjoying the fine spirits D.C. has to offer. I have been twice (to the conference, not to the pubs; to the pubs, I have been ... well, anyway), once as an undergrad student and once as an alum. What a week! Wonder if there is anyone live-blogging?

The whole week is sponsored by the inimitable Young America's Foundation. Aside from this event and the array of speaking events they help sponsor at colleges unwilling to foot the bill to bring in those who might challenge their conventional wisdom, Young America's Foundation also sponsors another "Conservative Boot Camp," of sorts.

Out in Santa Barbara, CA (with a visit to the Reagan Ranch included), they bring in a small group of college undergrad and grad students to discuss some of the great conservative-related thinkers: Russell Kirk, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, and Frank Meyer. The one on Russell Kirk was well worth the drive, especially since we got to hear from his widow: Annette Kirk. The visit to the Reagan Ranch was a lot of fun. Even got to see the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe that the Reagans kept in a dear and honored place.

For more on this, see the latest article from the New York Times ... yes, the New York Times: "Passing Down the Legacy of Conservatism."

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