Tuesday, July 18, 2006

President Bush and U2

Counsel of Trent is a blog I recently came across and it has a great link to President Bush singing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

The video is a must-see even though the comments at the link are atrocious and just show how shallow (of thought) and emotionally-driven are those who hate the president. Either way, I think it is still a fun video and recommend you watch it: President Bush singing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Or just click the play button below ... and you might have to click it two times.

And yes, I know there are political overtones/meanings to the song and having President Bush "sing" it--meanings I would object to--but I still think the video is creative, fun, and entertaining and I simultaneously think we need to fight the war we are in, however much it should be fought with more resolve.

Another thing: Michael in comments at the link points out that the last line is omitted in this version. Hmmm? I wonder why. Could it be because of the meaning of those words?

The real battle yet begun / Sunday, Bloody Sunday
To claim the victory Jesus won / Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday / Yeah
Sunday Bloody Sunday

After a look at the person responsible for the video, I think so.

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