Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel at War

As the war most likely escalates this weekend (as some allegedly in the know are claiming, saying Syria and Lebanon will wonder what hit them), here are some sites that will be worth checking out:

Arutz Sheva
Haaretz Daily
Israel Matzav
Jewish World Review
IRIS (Information Regarding Israel's Security)
This Ongoing War
Lebanese Bloggers
Winds of Change
Dumb Ox
Flopping Aces

Aside from praying for Israel, spend some time reading the latest from Michael Ledeen, "The Same War":

No one should have any lingering doubts about what’s going on in the Middle East. It’s war, and it now runs from Gaza into Israel, through Lebanon and thence to Iraq via Syria. There are different instruments, ranging from Hamas in Gaza to Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon and on to the multifaceted “insurgency” in Iraq. But there is a common prime mover, and that is the Iranian mullahcracy, the revolutionary Islamic fascist state that declared war on us 27 years ago and has yet to be held accountable.

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