Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Pope's Outlook on Youth

"There is something in man which never changes ...."

"As a young priest and pastor I came to this way of looking at young people and at youth, and it has remained constant all these years. It is an outlook which also allows me to meet young people wherever I go. ... [A]nywhere the Pope goes, he seeks out the young and the young seek him out."

"We need the enthusiasm of the young. We need their joie de vivre. In it is reflected something of the original joy God had in creating man. ... The young know how to express this joy in their own special way."

"Even though he [the Pope] is getting older, they [the young] urge him to be young, they do not permit him to forget his experience, his discovery of youth and its great importance for the life of every man."

Pope John Paul the Great,
Crossing the Threshold of Hope, "Is There Really Hope in the Young?"

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