Saturday, April 23, 2005

Had Your Vitamins Today?

This one is hilarious! Enjoy. Remember to get your daily dosage. Take your B16!

And this one too is great news for the Truth. Down with Da Vinci! The Da Vinci Code, that is. "New Pope's books knock out bestselling Da Vinci Code." Here is a bit:

The Da Vinci Code, the global best-seller criticised by the Vatican, has just been named book of the year at the British Book Awards, but it has lost its supremacy on Amazon's bestseller list to two books written by the new Pope Benedict XVI.
Canada's CBC reports that as of yesterday afternoon, seven of the Pope's books ranked in the top 25 of's bestseller list, two of the titles beating The Da Vinci Code. On the Barnes & Nobel website, one of the pontiff's books was ranked among the top 20, as was Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI: Pontiff for a New Era, an as-yet-unreleased biography by Greg Tobin, papal commentator and former editor of The Catholic Advocate. Two more were in the top 50.
A new collection of the Pope's letters, essays and lectures, entitled Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith, is also scheduled for release this spring, [Ignatius Press president Mark] Brumley said.

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GrenfellHunt said...

Excellent work, W! I've linked to you in my latest post!