Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Light: a Symbol of Life ... Resurrected Life

The then-Cardinal Ratzinger carries the Light which bespeaks the Resurrection of our Lord, of our Friend.

In his "Reflections on the Symbolism of Easter," the now Pope Benedict XVI then elucidated:

"Easter is concerned with something unimaginable. ... Since, however, we can only think by employing sense images, the faith of the Church has always translated the Easter message into symbols which point to things that the word cannot express. The symbol of light (including the fire) plays a special part; the praise of the Paschal candle--a symbol of life in the midst of the darkened church--is actually a praise of Him who proved victor over death. Thus the event of long ago is translated into our present time: where light conquers darkness, something of the Resurrection takes place."

(Behold the Pierced One, 112-113)

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