Thursday, September 01, 2005

Where Is America?

As the damage from Katrina becomes better known and we see and learn more of the suffering, the blogosphere has a great idea to help:

Bloggers across the country and the political and social spectrum are asking their readers to contrubte to Katrina relief efforts to day.

So please take a look at Instapundit and Truth Laid Bear and find a charity for donating.

From Just a Woman:
"There's no America out there except America to respond to it. We've got to do it ourselves."
--Col. Austen Bay (on the
Hugh Hewitt Show, Tuesday, August 30)
Here are my suggestions:
Catholic Charities
Brett Favre Foundation
Feed the Children

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Sirc_Valence said...

This is definitely a time to prayer and action.

Pray for those that are still alive, and those that have passed from this world. If you're breathing, and able-bodied, consider volunteering some time.

I can't imagine what the calculation of the losses of the survivors will be or the impact throughout the country in that aspect.