Sunday, September 04, 2005

US Defeats Mexico; Sore Losers???

"The U.S. is a small team. They play like my sister, my aunt and my grandmother.''
--Ricardo Lavolpe, Mexico soccer coach

(My, my. A bit touchy, are we?)

What does that say about Mexico since they lost?

By the way, what was the score?

That's right, 2-0. US: 2 goals. Mexico: 0 (that is ZERO) goals!

Posted by Picasa Midfielder Steve Ralston (19) of the U.S. celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal during the second half of their World Cup qualifying game as Mexico defender Francisco Rodriguez lays on the ground at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, September 3, 2005. The U.S. beat Mexico 2-0. REUTERS/Matt Sullivan

As US player Landon Donovan said: "They do a lot of talking. They haven't beat us in a long time here. I'm kind of sick of it. There's no better scenario than to beat them easily.''

Like I said, 2-0. US: 2 goals. Mexico: 0 (that is ZERO) goals!


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