Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rape, Islamist "Justice," and Silence of Feminists (Again)

I am re-posting this because it is important to read it again, check updates on the Gates of Vienna links, and let others know about the kinds of enemies we are fighting in this War on Terror.

That we should fight these types over there so we do not have to fight them one day here on our soil.

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I have often wondered why more feminists do not support the War on Terror. They may disagree with this or that, but how can they not voice support for women gaining more freedom as their dignity has humans and their rights are recognized? Human rights are for everyone, men and women, Western and non-Western, Christian, secular, Muslim, and Arab. Feminists should be out there praising the advances made by and for women in Iraq and Afghanistan. And yet, their silence continues.

The silence about one case in the Islamist world is disturbing. Thanks to places like Gates of Vienna, news of this travesty is getting some publicity:
The high court in Lahore has ordered that the men who gang raped Mukhtar Mai in 2002 be released on Monday. In addition, the men on the village council who ordered her rape will also be freed.

Mai's case is not unusual, except in one respect: after being raped for hours as retribution for her brother's misbehavior (a charge cooked up to cover over the fact that he himself had been sodomized by members of a powerful clan in their village), Mai didn't go home and conveniently kill herself. Instead, with the help of her imam and the support of her father and family, she fought back -- all the way to the high

For three years now, since her young brother's rape in June, 2002, this woman has lived with and managed to transcend a nightmare. Having been awarded compensation by the Pakistani courts she took the money home and started two schools in her village, one for boys, another for girls. Inspired by her courage, money came from around the world. In March, Canada donated a large sum to Mai for the continuation of her education projects in Punjab.
From the Reuters article:
"The review board has held that there is no justification for the detention of these people and has ordered their release after depositing surety bonds of 50,000 rupees ($840) from each of them," Malik Saleem, a lawyer for the 12 men, told Reuters.
Where is NOW? Where are all those feminist groups?

For a glimpse of how women are treated in this part of the world, see this article on Asian women being "exposed to violence." (HT: Gates of Vienna)

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Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

NOW & all those other whacko moonbat groups can't grasp the big picture. KInd of like a PETA people not being pro-life.