Thursday, June 30, 2005

Loss of SEALs and Night Stalkers. Sad and Angry.

It has been a couple days now, and the facts of the "loss" are just coming out:

All 16 servicemen aboard the Chinook were killed when it was shot down June 28 by a rocket-propelled grenade round in the rugged eastern region of the country.

There is more:

Four Navy SEALs remain missing in the mountains of Afghanistan after the deadly crash of a helicopter full of Special Operations troops sent in to rescue them.


The events that led to the tragedy began when a helicopter inserted a four-man reconnaissance element from SEAL Team 10, based at Little Creek, Va., into the mountains near Asadabad, in Kunar province. Intelligence had indicated a large concentration of enemy forces, according to military sources.

The SEALs landed and hiked to a spot in rugged terrain where they established an observation post. Within several hours, Al Qaida or Taliban forces attacked the SEALs with small arms fire, and the SEALs called for a quick reaction force, or QRF, to help them, the sources said.

For the latest in updates, see Froggy Ruminations, both his posts and the comments.

Some words from Matt at Froggy not to miss:

One thing that I think is important to point out is the incredible bravery and heroism of the SOF operators involved here. Imagine being in a small group of operators reporting the activities of an enemy force 25 to 30 times your strength deep behind enemy lines. Well, our SOF operators don't have to imagine it, they do that every day. Imagine going in to rescue your embattled recon team facing 100 or more enemy fighters in a helo with 7 to 10 other SEALs in a high mountain pass in the middle of nowhere probably at night. Well, that's what my brothers were about to do when their aircraft took fire. Recognize that every one of these men know that if captured, they will be peeled like an onion by the savage heathen scumbags that it is their job to annihilate. Think about that.

I don't know about you, but as I wrote that, a chill went up my spine. While this incident is a terrible tragedy, it underscores the deep commitment of the American fighting man to defend this nation, and the incredible intrepidy of our SOF operators. This Independence Day weekend, take a minute and hoist a cold one for our boys. Because it is these men serving our nation around the world for the past 229 years that have made your BBQ possible.

And then from a liberal in the comments, responding to a fellow liberal's comment critical of the war and US troops fighting in Afghanistan:

"Afghanistan is THEIR country. American soldiers are in someone else's country? " [which is what the other liberal (Cathy) wrote]

And it was THEIR country which gave a safe haven to those who brutally murdered 3000+ of our people in OUR country. We have every right to be in that particular country, and our forces have succeed in overthrowing the terrorist government there. They have liberated people, including women, from unspeakable oppression. The terrorists they are fighting are not even NATIVE to that country, it's no more their country than it is ours.

Speaking as a fellow liberal, I encourage you to read a book.

Sorry guys, but I needed to say that.

See the post and the comments.

I am sad and angry. Yet, these downed heroes share the same grace the Marines share, as Reagan once recalled:

Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The Marines don't have that problem.

And neither do these heroes.
Now, what to do?


Then, go to United Warrior Survivor Foundation, also known as FrogFriends, and contribute to the fund to help "the families of fallen Special Operations personnel."

Contribute here.

Now go and do it.

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