Thursday, June 09, 2005

Huh?! Bizarro "Ends" to Life

Where do we live?


First, here's the headline: "Teen Gets Life Sentence For Helping Girlfriend End Pregnancy."

"End Pregnancy"? Um, how do you end a pregnancy? Killing the baby, perhaps?
19-Year-Old Stepped On Stomach While Girl Punched Self

POSTED: 6:44 am CDT June 7, 2005

LUFKIN, Texas -- A 19-year-old East Texas man faces a life prison sentence for causing his teenage girlfriend to miscarry twins, even though she wanted to end the pregnancy.

Gerardo Flores was accused of causing the miscarriage by stepping on his girlfriend's stomach. He was prosecuted under the state's new fetal protection law.

Erica Basoria acknowledged asking Flores to help end her pregnancy. But the 17-year-old can't be prosecuted because of her legal right to abortion.

The defense contended that Basoria punched herself while Flores was stepping on her, making it impossible to tell who killed the twins.

The jury reached a verdict after deliberating four hours. Because prosecutors declined to seek the death penalty in the case, Flores received the automatic life sentence.

Ok, she wants to kill her baby. She punches herself. She gets him to step on her stomach. She gets off. No complicity. If she has a legal right to abortion, then why is what he did wrong? Isn't it just helping her "end" the pregnancy? I thought in this topsy-turvy world of "choice" (for some!), if she chose to kill her baby then those she obtained to help her with the murder were all part of her choice. The logic of our laws! Perhaps this further shows the problematic nature of Roe v. Wade and with legalizing abortion in general.

Bizarro world, indeed!

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