Friday, May 25, 2007

Illegal Immigration : A Middle Eastern Connection?

A different (and scary) side to the immigration issue: a Middle Eastern and often Islamist connection.

I tend to fall somewhere in the middle on the immigration issue so don't think this is a typical take on illegal (read: Latino) immigration. It is not. This is about national security.

There is an article series getting attention all over. The focus is on illegal immigration, visas (sometimes fake, other times not), and those of Arab and/or Muslim background (both non-violent Muslims and militant Islamists).

Todd Bensman wrote the articles. They are a must- and good-read:

I suggest you paste them into a word document and print them out for a hard-copy version to read. Most will want to keep these for some time or pass them on to someone unsuspecting of what is going on.

*** Updated 27 May 2007 ***
A continuation of the same topic:

In an interview the author Todd Bensam did with Hugh Hewitt last week, he stated there would be further articles and some dealing with some rather surprising aspects.

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