Thursday, July 21, 2005

Success in Iraq. Where is MSM?

Huge munitions find in Iraq. Why not news of this in MSM? We owe a great debt to our troops and secondarily to journalists (like Michael Yon) who report their good work:

There were surface to air missiles, RPGs, and strange munitions of various sorts. The danger was severe, but with this much explosives, it wouldn’t matter if you were in the hole or a hundred yards away; if this thing blows, game over.


The soldiers inside the hell hole passed up a green ball, about the size of a large cantaloupe, and handed it over to another soldier who began to walk with it, and he said, “I wonder what this is?” Someone looked and said, “STOP. Don’t move. Don’t put it down. You hear what I say? Don’t move. Wait right here.”

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