Monday, December 24, 2007

There is a Santa Claus!

"Yes, Aquinas, There Is a Santa Claus." A very fun read, especially if you are familiar with St. Thomas.

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Christine said...

That was great! Of course, on one hand, it sure is much ado... but if you want to be 100% intellectually and theologically honest about freaking everything... well, that pretty much settles the question... ;-)

On a much more serious note, I think Dietrich Bonhoeffer and compatriots would have really appreciated reading that, because they agonized over the issue of lying and plotting to assassinate Hitler. This line of reasoning might have eased their consciences a bit...

But now that Hitler personally gave each of them an early ticket to Heaven, I'm sure Bonhoeffer and Aquinas have enjoyed resolving this over a couple pints of good German beer.