Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nietzsche : Truth and Woman? Woman and Truth?

Friedrich Nietzsche begins the Preface of Beyond Good and Evil with the provocative question:
Supposing truth is a woman--what then?
There are a few takes on his point here and with the rest of the book ... regarding the connection of truth to a woman. Considering what he does with the rest of the book (especially his attack on philosophical dogmatists, his discussion in the section "We Scholars," and his further as well as quite controversial comments on women in "Our Virtues"), perhaps there is more to Nietzsche here than first appears. Perhaps there is something he sees in women that is connected to the traits of the Dionysian and to what he is calling for in the new philosophers. Perhaps. And perhaps not.

This is the direction of a paper that I am working on.
Any suggestions or comments are quite welcome.

Even now truth finds it necessary to stifle her yawns when she is expected to give answers. In the end she is a woman: she should not be violated. (Beyond Good and Evil, 220)

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