Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Warming, Gore's Scare Tactics, and Carter as the Worst Ex-President

In this article on (liberal) Penn professor of earth and environmental science Bob Giegengack, can it be true that "Al Gore Is a Greenhouse Gasbag"? And yes, Giegengack did vote for Al Gore.

On that note, in one of the most devasting articles I have read in some time, Joshua Muravchik strongly and clearly argues that President Jimmy Carter is "Our Worst Ex-President":

Ever since his presidency, there has been a wide gap between Carter’s estimation of himself and the esteem in which other Americans hold him. This has manifestly embittered him. For all his talk of “love,” the driving motives behind his post-presidential ventures seem, in fact, to be bitterness together with narcissism (as it happens, two prime ingredients of a martyr complex). But he has worked hard to earn the reputation he enjoys. In contravention of the elementary responsibilities of loyalty for one in his position, he has denigrated American policies and leaders in his public and private discussions in foreign lands. He has undertaken personal diplomacy to thwart the policies of the men elected to succeed him. And in doing so he has, at least in the case of North Korea, actively damaged our security.

Read the whole article.

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