Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pope Benedict on the Qur'an, Pius XII, Women, Africa, Vatican II, and More

This is a "spontaneous dialogue between the pope and the priests of his diocese of Rome. On the Bible and the Qur’an, on Pius XII, on women in the Church, on Africa, on ecumenism, on the interpretation of the Council…"
With regard to the Bible and the Qur'an:


No one believes purely on his own. We always believe in and with the Church. […] We must, in a manner of speaking, let ourselves fall into the communion of the faith, of the Church. Believing is, in itself, a Catholic act: it is a participation on this great certitude that is present in the living subject of the Church. This is also the only way for us to understand Sacred Scripture in the diversity of an interpretation that developed over thousands and thousands of years. It is a Scripture that is the expression of a subject, the People of God, that in its pilgrimage […] does not speak for itself, but as a subject created by God – the classical expression is “inspired” – receives, translates, and communicates this word. This synergy is very important. We know that the Qur’an, according to the Islamic faith, is a word literally given by God, without human mediation. The Prophet had no hand in it; he simply wrote it down and communicated it. It is the pure word of God. But for us, God enters into communication with us, he lets us cooperate with him; he creates this subject, and it is within this subject that his word grows and is developed. […] He who lives by the Word of God can live by it only because it is alive and vital within the living Church.

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Dumb Ox said...

The distinction is an interesting one, and partially explains the lack of evolution of Islamic "tradition." The book is under the form of a "handbook" as much as anything else, and as such needs only to be followed, not interpreted. In a words, Moselms are like the Puritans and other Christians who claim to adhere strictly to a literal reading of the Bible.

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D. Ox