Sunday, August 14, 2005

3/1 at Work: Another Video Worth Watching

Thanks to Froggy:

Meanwhile, Peg C sent me this video link of India Co. 3/1 swinging the pipe in Fallujah last year. Do yourself a favor and watch it if only so you can see the kind of jeopardy our troops are putting themselves in to keep us safe here at home.

Marines at work. Not 1/5, but they're still Marines, and more importantly they're Americans fighting on our behalf. These guys are working hard and taking it to the enemy like so many of us here at home wanted done during the fight for Fallujah. Watch the video.


Anonymous said...

Thank you,

I've got a throbbing purple Marine Corps hard on.

Anonymous said...

That was my husbands company last year. 3/1 lost 33 Marines during that deployment. Say a prayer for them because they are in Iraq again.