Tuesday, May 03, 2005

America, Hegel, Heidegger, and Epistemology

Well, the conference was great. A lively discussion on immigration made me think a second time, as Dennis Prager often says. One professor suggested open borders with a few restrictions, such as denying entrance to those with no means to support themselves or a family to sponsor them, diseases, and criminal records or alliances to terrorist-type organizations. Another suggested a much more limited immigration policy: a moratorium will be in need rather soon. Then the third offered a sort of middle position. No wonder this third advocated from a Catholic social teaching perspective.

I will be writing up more thoughts. There are many.

But for the next few days, my thoughts and writings will be centered upon Hegel's philosophy of religion, Heidegger's thinking (and metaphysics in general) in light of a criticism by Carnapp that concludes that Heidegger and anyone who partakes of metaphysical thinking is like a musician with no musical talent, and to what extent moderate rationalism (a la BonJour) can successfully appropriate Aquinas' use of intentional being. Fun stuff, I know. Jealous, I'm sure you are.

Until that is done sometime this week, these pages will be rather mute to issues of political, religious, and cultural interests.

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