Saturday, March 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo and Christ's Passion

Yesterday was a sad day for America. Terri Schiavo's killing began. And it began partly because of a judge.

A court in this once-great land issued a death warrant, an order to kill, and since she is an innocent person, an order to murder. To take away food and water, basic goods, from someone who has not verifiably expressed such a wish is to violate her basic rights. Added to that is the fact that there are so many questionable "facts" and issues related to her case only makes the request on behalf of her husband all the more suspect. She has not even had the appropriate testing done to see if she is in a persistent vegetative state (pvs). The judge will not listen to reputable doctors who disagree with the husband and the judge's own death-oriented views.

It is no coincidence either that this happened on the Friday before Holy Week. As Terri is starved, she will undergo increased pain and suffering. She will truly be walking with Christ as Good Friday approaches. And if she dies as expected, if her murder happens when they think it will, she will have been killed on or around not only the day we remember the death of Christ but ... appropriately enough ... the Resurrection of Christ. May she be comforted in His Grace as she is slowly murdered and may her suffering and eventual death be redemptive. Her family ... or I should say her "loved ones" because not all her family is apparently loving her ... will need the comfort of this to persevere through the mayhem that continues in their lives.

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