Sunday, January 09, 2005

24 24 Jack's Back 24 24

Jack's back. That's right. The best television show on the air is back. Tonight is the season premiere of 24, the show which set new standards for television drama.

Jack has been fired, but when terrorists strike, can Jack let it go? Can Jack stay away? I don't think so. Jack is back. And he is back with a mostly new cast. New boss. New U.S. President. New love. No more daughter (who always seems to get herself kidnapped). New agents. But the same annoying Chloe working at CTU.

Since he was fired for drug addiction, how does he make it back in?

Terrorists strike. Islamist terrorists strike and threaten more. Remember the Nick Berg slaughter? Well, these Islamist terrorists threaten a similar evil.

See it tonight, Sunday, at 8 pm. See more tomorrow, Monday, at 8 pm.

That's right. Two hours tonight. Two more hours tomorrow.

Thereafter, 24 will be on Mondays at 9 pm.

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